Primary Section

Primary Education provides students with a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills they will use throughout their lives. To ensure students receive a quality education, O.E.A, offers teaching of several different subjects to its students so they are constantly engaged in learning. O.E.A also teaches its students basic life skills like reading, writing, spelling, interpersonal communication and concentration. School students also learn good study habits including:
Managing their time.
Organizing necessary tools and materials.
Planning for short or long assignments.
Reviewing material for tests.
Keeping in mind the entertainment for its students, the school arranges field trips, in-house movie arrangement, quiz and skits; at the same time developing patriotic skills by celebrating national occasions and events such as Independence Day, Pakistan Day, Kashmir Day, and Language Day. At O.E.A, children at an early age are taught charity and generosity by encouraging them to donate and raise funds for flood or earthquake victims.

Our Faculty:

Our faculty consists of dedicated, intelligent and experienced teachers who honour their profession and are role models for students. They make every effort to help students attain relevant competence in the subjects they have chosen. They have a good rapport with the students and are approachable. They are available not only in class rooms but outside classrooms as well. Our teachers work with students so that any problems can be identified and addressed.
Students here are helped to:
Develop critical thinking
Work independently
Sportsman spirit
Leadership skills
Self confidence
Make rational choices for themselves
Discover their potentials


Activities at DPS provides children with opportunities for social interaction by organizing school competitions, inter school debates, literacy quiz contests, health workshops for students on topics such as posture , common health problems, cleanliness and hygiene etc with other extracurricular and education related activities which develop sense of responsibility more over providing students with a platform to explore their talent.
OEA helps students to balance solid study habits with healthy recreation through a curriculum that gives both equal values. Added to this mix, is a proactive involvement in social welfare and a good grounding in religion.
Physical Education is a part of our curriculum that promotes learning through movement. It is most important for physical growth and the improvement of fitness and health. This is achieved through the medium of selected activities like table tennis, throw ball cricket, volley ball etc are carried out under the supervision of trained PE instructors.

Quranic Study:

The teachings of the Holy Quran govern each and every aspect of human life. At DPS students not only learn to recite the Quran correctly but also how to act upon the Islamic rules and regulations in this modern era. They are encouraged to adopt Islamic moral values such as respect towards mankind, sympathy, kindness, tolerance and patience. The completion of the Holy Quran is celebrated by Ameen ceremony in class VIII.